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July 10, 2003
Contact: Lori Williams

Laura Bush visits Baylor's Botswana Clinic

Houston - First Lady Laura Bush today visited the pediatrics AIDS clinic that recently opened as a partnership between Baylor College of Medicine and the government of Botswana. Mrs. Bush is accompanying President George W. Bush on a presidential tour of Africa.

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Dr. Mark Kline, director of the Baylor International Pediatrics AIDS Initiative, showed Mrs. Bush the clinic, where she met with young patients and their parents. Mrs. Bush said the clinic showed the compassion of the American people for the AIDS crisis in Africa.

Construction of the Botswana-Baylor College of Medicine Children's Clinical Center of Excellence was supported by a $6 million grant from Bristol-Myers Squibb's Secure the Future program. More on the Bush visit can be found on the Associated Press news site.


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