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Public Health

It is expected that many trainees will obtain the Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) degree from the University of Texas School of Public Health during their time in the program. They may apply to one of the following three modules of the M.P.H. program: Disease Control, Health Promotion and Health Education, or International and Family Health. In the Disease Control module, students study issues surrounding control of human disease through community effort. Faculty members provide a milieu in which students are encouraged to gain insight into community health problems, and to seek community solutions to these problems. The program of study in the Health Promotion and Health Education module integrates behavioral and social science theory with intervention methods for health promotion in the community, medical care facilities, schools, and worksites. Program planning and evaluation, survey research, health economics, and health policy are studied. The International and Family Health module addresses geographic and socioeconomic influences on the search for appropriate and effective methods to promote health and control disease.

Required course work toward the M.P.H. degree addresses both behavioral and medical aspects of disease prevention. In addition to course work, the M.P.H. candidate is required to complete a research thesis. Most class time can be scheduled on two days per week. Many courses are offered during evening hours.


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