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HIV-infected children in Texas enjoy normal summertime activities such as horseback riding

HIV-infected children require specialized disease management from a trained team of health-care professionals. New diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to pediatric HIV continue to emerge at a dizzying rate. If a pediatrician sees only one or two cases of HIV, it is difficult to develop and maintain the level of expertise required to adequately treat this disease. This Texas Pediatric HIV Resource Center, made possible by a grant from The Meadows Foundation, will permit HIV-infected children statewide to access state-of-the-art treatment and clinical trials in a way that was not previously possible. This center is the first-of-its-kind nationwide. Services available from the Texas Pediatric HIV Resource Center include the following:

  • FlowersClinical consultation services are available to all physicians in the state of Texas caring for children with possible or known HIV infection. A toll-free number for case discussion, , has been established. We can also be .
  • Physicians may refer patients to the Texas Pediatric HIV Resource Center for participation in clinical research studies. Funding for transportation of HIV-infected children and their caregivers to Houston to participate in clinical research is available. Call or e-mail us for information.
  • A pediatric HIV "Starter Kit" containing key journal articles about HIV is available for distribution, free of charge, to any interested practitioner. This packet of materials will be mailed to pediatricians, nurses, and other health-care professionals who express interest, to equip them with the basic information required to treat HIV in children.
  • Educational outreach projects for all practitioners within the state of Texas are currently in development. These include two videotapes designed for, and starring, caregivers of HIV-infected children. These videotapes will address some of the psychosocial issues faced by these caregivers.
  • This Texas Pediatric HIV Resource Center web page will be continually updated with the latest treatment guidelines, and clinical study results.


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