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Half of Europe's pediatric AIDS cases are in Romania

Romania has reported over 5,000 pediatric AIDS cases, accounting for over half of all European pediatric AIDS cases. Most Romanian children with AIDS were infected with HIV as a result of discarded medical practices of the past, including reuse of disposable needles and repeated transfusions of sick and premature infants with whole human blood. However, a second epidemic wave is emerging, with most Romanian HIV treatment centers reporting growing numbers of infants with vertical (mother-to-infant) HIV infection. Approximately fifty percent of Romanian children with AIDS are orphaned or abandoned.

The Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative has worked collaboratively with the Romanian Ministry of Health and Romanian professionals since 1996. The Romania Initiative has three primary goals:

Vital Statistics

Romania has reported 5,386 pediatric AIDS cases.

Children account for 80 percent of all Romanian AIDS cases.

Fifty percent of Romanian children with AIDS are orphaned or adandoned.

  • To improve the care and treatment of HIV-infected children in Romania and worldwide
  • To enhance the practices of Romanian and U.S. health professionals through collaborative education and training
  • To improve infrastructure and capacity for pediatric HIV care, treatment, and clinical research

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